Our Mission

Our institution works to strengthen the communal identity of the local people by collecting objects, documents and stories embodying the environment, economic and social history as well as cultural and artistic value of the XVIIIth district of Budapest. The goal of Tomory Lajos Museum (as the only public collection of historical items in the district) to make every visitor and everybody who’s interested aware of the historical, cultural and social worth of the XVIIIth district, Pestszentlőrinc-Pestszentimre.

In order to achieve this, We:

·         Collect and preserve the objects and memories regarding  Pestszentlőrinc-Pestszentimre’s  past,

·         Document the social and cultural phenomena of the present,

·         Take part in the protection of the environmental and cultural legacy,

·         Work to make our repository available and researchable for anybody, 

·         Work to establish a deeper relationship between the local cultural values and the local people,

·         Provide assistance in personal ancestry research for anyone interested,

·         Organise quality cultural events and exhibitions for the public in a collaborative, interactive manner that provide them with new insights and new things to learn,

·         Organise museum education events free of charge for the local schools and kindergardens, where they can learn about the past of the XVIIIth district in complexity,

·         Make steps for wider social inclusion. We work with NGO-s, communities, groups and individuals, every generation.

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Pestszentlőrinc - Pestszentimre


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