museum quality management

In 2018/2019, the Lajos Tomory Museum participated in the development of the museum quality management model system as a representative of small museums. His task was to get to know the general principles, to give an opinion and to test the system. Its presence guaranteed that the model system would be properly adapted to the type of museum it represented. Prior to becoming independent, our museum was part of the local pedagogical institute, and later a member institution of the house of culture in the 18th district, so it had experience in operating several quality assurance systems.

The Museum Education and Methodology Centre (MOKK) operating as a directorate of the Hungarian Open Air Museum (SZNM). In 2006, the Museum received a request from the Ministry for Culture for setting up a nation-wide methodology and information centre of museum education, museum studies, and for coordinating museum sector tasks.

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Cím: 1183 Budapest, Szent Lőrinc sétány 2.
Megközelíthető: Határ úti metrótól: 50-es villamossal 20 perc
Köki Termináltól: 282E/193E/93A busszal 25 perc, 50-es villamossal 20 perc

Havanna Kiállítóhely

Cím: 1181 Budapest, Havanna u. 9.
A kiállítóhely az épület felújítása miatt ZÁRVA tart. Megközelíthető: Határ úti metrótól: 194M busszal 20 perc, vagy az 50-es villamossal, 12 megálló, 25 perc. Köki Termináltól: 136E/182 busszal 15 perc, 50-es villamossal 25 perc

Herrich - Kiss Villa

Cím: 1181 Budapest, Margó Tivadar u. 116-118.

Tomory Lajos Múzeum – Minden jog fenntartva.

Tervezte és fejlesztette: DESIGNCORP Hungary