Heilauf Zsuzsanna PhD

Zsuzsanna Heilauf (1971) received her history, archives, museology and history teacher MA at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) in Budapest, at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) in Budapest, and her PhD in History at ELTE, in 2015. The research results for her dissertation (written about The changing of cultural interactions. Peregrination in Hungary between 1635 and 1944. Foreigners in Hungarian institutions of higher education) were first published in 2005. She obtained her scientific degree in the field of research on the history of the Hungarian intelligentsia (qualitative and quantitative research on intellectual migration).

She has been the editor and developer of several publications, studies and educational materials on local and social history, as well as historical and museum pedagogical methodological publications and online interfaces. She regularly participates in the production of district-themed publications and short films. She is a project manager, writer and contributor to a number of successful EU and other tenders. She participated in the museum quality assurance national project (2018/2019).

She is a member of the University History Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Research Group, board member of the Budapest Local History Association, chairman of the supervisory board of the National Local History Society and works in several local organizations – third generation in Pestszentlőrinc Budapest 18.

Since 2004 she is head of the museum of the 18th District, which has been an independent institution since 2018.

A list of her publications can be found here: https://m2.mtmt.hu/gui2/?mode=search&query=publication;authorships;any;Heilauf%20Zsuzsanna

Links: https://www.tomorylajos-muzeum.hu/about-the-museum/

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Cím: 1183 Budapest, Szent Lőrinc sétány 2.
Megközelíthető: Határ úti metrótól: 50-es villamossal 20 perc
Köki Termináltól: 282E/193E/93A busszal 25 perc, 50-es villamossal 20 perc

Havanna Kiállítóhely

Cím: 1181 Budapest, Havanna u. 9.
A kiállítóhely az épület felújítása miatt ZÁRVA tart. Megközelíthető: Határ úti metrótól: 194M busszal 20 perc, vagy az 50-es villamossal, 12 megálló, 25 perc. Köki Termináltól: 136E/182 busszal 15 perc, 50-es villamossal 25 perc

Herrich - Kiss Villa

Cím: 1181 Budapest, Margó Tivadar u. 116-118.

Tomory Lajos Múzeum – Minden jog fenntartva.

Tervezte és fejlesztette: DESIGNCORP Hungary