About the Tomory Lajos Museum Budapest 18.

Tomory Lajos Museum belongs to every citizen in our district. The district museum can be regarded as a public asset.

Tomory Lajos Museum is the only public collection in Budapest District 18  Pestszentlőrinc – Pestszentimre, which has over 100000 inhabitants. The museum was founded in 1956 by the school principal Lajos Tomory and has been an independent institution since 2018. The objective of the Tomory Lajos Museum is to raise the visitors’ interest in the historical, cultural and community values of our district, Pestszentlőrinc – Pestszentimre. We wish to be seen as a museum that represents the past and identity of our local community. As an important element of our cultural heritage, it nurtures environmental awareness and economic reasoning. Its principal task is to serve knowledge-sharing on our natural and built environment.

·  In addition to classic museum functions, the institution is an active and innovative scientific / professional knowledge base on local history, covering a wide range of complex tasks.

·  As a background institution serving the local government, it carries out regular research projects and provides information on local history.

·  It strengthens the positive image of the local community and local patriotism.

·  It explores, presents, contributes to the preservation of the cultural, natural and architectural heritage of the district and provides innovative solutions and access to the widest possible range of clients.

·  It is an open-access museum for individuals and communities: in physical and digital space as well. We are open to co-thinking and cooperation.

·  It has a professional embeddedness and enjoys national recognition. (Award for the Exhibition of the Year – 2019, Family-friendly Museum – 2020, Trianon 100 – 2020)

·  It performs the task of managing special, high-value property of the district. The institution also  deals with art protection and digitization.

·  We deal with interior design, investment management and construction of exhibition spaces, exhibitions and arts warehouses.

·  We develop complex projects and are constantly making applications for new funding as well as  contributing to the developing partnerships in municipal tenders.

We are an institution and a public place, where one can escape to preserve objects, documents and memories of desire. This is a great place, which you can support through donations, where you can volunteer and may travel back to nostalgic times and where you can feel proud as a person belonging to  the district.

It is here we do everything possible to  answer your questions about the past related to the district. It is the place  where we try to gather, preserve and share knowledge about our local community and our common heritage.

This is the venue  – at any time  whenever we may be open – where everyone may come in and spend quality time talking, sitting, dating, recharging  positive energies – either alone or with your friends and your loved ones.

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